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Many People have great success with prerecorded self hypnosis recordings, while others need that little something extra. The question we are looking to answer is, "which is right for you"?

Every self hypnosis recording available through this site is designed to help you meet your goals, and incorporates both direct and indirect, or inferred suggestions. Both types of hypnotic suggestions are used, because some of us prefer a gentle push, while others prefer a direct path to where we are going.

Depending upon the goal to be attained, different hypnotic techniques are also employed such as metaphor, regression, and time distortion to name a few. Most recordings combine these along with other techniques for maximum effectiveness to get you what you want.

About Generic Recordings

How does one decide whether he or she will do best with a generic or a personalized self hypnosis recording. Getting right to the point, if you truly desire the goal you are after, and follow the directions on the recording/s you choose, whether generic or personalized, you will get what you desire.

In my experience, generic hypnosis recordings are most often best suited to those people who are well practiced at meditation, or self hypnosis. Although trance is a natural life process which humanity could not live without, it is also a learning experience, at which we get better with practice. So the more you practice trance, the better you will learn how to allow yourself to enter deeper states, and the better you wil be able to experience and accept suggestions that work, creating the greatest effect upon your own individual needs and beliefs.

About Personalized Recordings

We all speak to ourselves in a language that has special meanings to us based upon our previous life experiences. For this reason, when you order a personalalized self hypnosis recording, I will be asking you a variety of questions depending upon your desired goal/s in order to match the language style used to best suit your needs. Your unconscious mind responds best to suggestions which match "your own words", becuase it is those words that bring up the most powerful symbols in your unconscious that drive you towards the success of attaining what you want.

From the answers you provide to the questions I ask, I will also analyze your writing in order to match the language to your personally prefferred neuro-linguistic communication style. This causes the desired suggestions to be acted upon much more effectively because they are matched to your own individulal unique style. Furthermore, when it comes to some changes which are deeply rooted, in order to make an impact on your mind, there is much more than simlpy using the right words, they need to be addressed in the right order, and in a way that is most acceptable to the individiual's mind. Additionally we all have certain words and phrases which have special meanings to us. Via the questions you answer, I will be able to make your recording using your special "impact words, and phrases" in order to have the greatest effect upon your unconscious processes.

Finally, the one thing that provides that extra bit of personalization is the use of your name, or more accurately put, the name you most unconsiously respond to. I will be using your name throughout the recording because this has a direct effect upon the listener. Just think of how quickly you turn your head, or tweak your ears whenever someone callls or states your name. People automaticalluy jump, becuase your name is your calling card.

So as you see, personalized hypnosis recordings have a lot to them in comparison to generic recordings, and are as close as you can get to having your very own personal master of hypnosis working for you to maximize your advantage and help you create positive changes.

If your are still not sure, order the generic version of the self hypnosis recording you wish, and try it out. If you still feel that you need that little extra push, simply send me an email, and I will create you a personalized version, and deduct the cost of your initial purchase minus shipping and handling fees off the cost of your newly enhanced personalized version.

As a final note, all personalized hypnosis recordings will be shipped within two weeks of receiving payment. Why the wait? Because they take time to structure and record from scratch ( approximately ten to twenty hours work beginning at only US$150.00 ), so that I can graciously ensure that you happily get the best value for your money.

email: dr_frank@hypnoticadvancements.com

Mailing address:
Mailing address:
Dr. Frank Valente
Hypnotic Advancements
3126 McCarthy Court
Mississauga , ON
Canada L4Y-3Z5

© 2004, Dr. Frank Valente DCH

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