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Welcome to our anxiety, and phobia hypnosis product page. What you find below is but a small sample of the hypnosis recordings available, and will be forever updated. If you don't see the hypnosis recording you are looking for, click this link Contact Dr. Frank Valente DCH, and I will provide you with whatever you need promptly.

Payments can be made using Interac Email Money Transfers, Postal Money Orders, Money Transfers through Western Union, or Personal Cheques (preferably certified), or Cash.

All Prices are in Canadian Dollars.
Please look further down this page for shipping and handling rates adjusted for size of orders if ordering a hard copies, or just the listed amount for mp3 downloads.

Enquiries can be emailed to : dr_frank @ hypnoticadancements . com

Payments can be mailed to:

Dr. Frank Valente
3126 McCarthy Crt.
Mississauga, Ontario
L4Y-3Z5, Canada

Interac Email Money Transfers Made Easy.
This is the fastest, easiest, and probably the least expensive way of making a purchase. All you need to do is go to your bank, and ask them to set up your account for online banking... it only takes them about five minutes, or you can do it yourself online. Then it's as simple as logging on to your banks website, clicking send money via email money transfer, provide a skill testing questions which you would send me the answer to for security... I then receive the email and click on deposit and I then send you your product. Just let me know what you would like according to item numbers as listed throughout along with the quantities of each item. Here is a link to the official Interac website for a demonstration to learn how easy it is.stration to learn how easy it is.
Interac Email Money Transfer Website


P.S.- All prices for hypnosis MP3's found below are in Canadian dollars, and are for CD versions. Added shipping charges can be found below the table, along with adjustments for Canadians paying in Canadian dollars.

P.P.S.- These Hypnosis Recordings are designed for you to improve your life in the privacy of your own home. While in a state of deep hypnotic relaxation, your mind is most receptive to suggestion, and the reprogramming you desire. These hypnosis recordings are not meant to replace the advice of your physician. If you suffer from a medical condition, consult your physician first. All hypnosis recordings will come with printed directions for maximum effectiveness. Please follow the instructions provided. These hypnosis recordings cause extremely deep rewarding relaxation and should not be used while driving or operating any machinery.

Special Announcement
For every FIVE programs ordered you get to choose One Free Bonus Program to go along with it... and you don't have to purchase your orders all at once to earn your bonus either... Just keep track of the number of programs you order just incase I slip... and let me know with an email saying... "Hey Dr. Frank, I just ordered my fifth hypnosis program and I would like (let me know the program name and number) as my free bonus. Special multiple package deals shall count as a single program order towards your bonuses as well.

Anxiety & Phobias

Item #
Item Description
Price in US$
601 Simply Relax (with subliminal track addition)
This program is one of my most sought after gems. When you want to relax, and just let go, this program will help take you places that energize your body, mind, and soul. Just put it on... lie back... relax... and off you go... into a wonderful world of vacationing dreams...
603 Comfort with Heights (with subliminal track addition)
It really is astounding the great number of people that have a challenge with high places. This program was originally put together for my mother, because she had some terrible fears, and now she can climb a ladder almost as fast as I do. Still not sure if I could ever convince her to try climbing a coconut tree, but that's ok... she doesn't care that much for coconuts anyhow... and besides she has me to climb them for her if she cares to pay for my trip south...
605 Stage Comfort (with subliminal track addition)
It has been said that most people would sooner die, than get up in front of a crowd to make a speech. This program will soon change all that, before long you will be comfortable, calm, and collected in front of any crowd, and although this isn't the typical program designed to have you imagine your audience naked... it does offer you that option if the people are really worth imagining that way... careful though... you never know who might walk in...
607 Comfort with Elevators (with subliminal track addition)
I once met someone who worked in the high-rise buildings downtown, and unbelievably she climbed fourteen flights each and every day to get to work. The poor woman was just terrified of small enclosed places and most specifically elevators. To cut the long story short I developed this program for her, and it worked very well. Now she goes up and down just for the fun of it sometimes... and says she gets to meet all kinds of interesting people out of it too...
609 Comfort with Planes (with subliminal track addition)
Would you like to get away and see another part of the world, but just can't bring yourself to buying a ticket for the next flight out. This program will help you get there comfortably, and with eager anticipation to look out that window so that you could see all the sights you have been missing. Order the program and explore the planet comfortably without fear... there is so much to see and do... treat yourself with the gift of experience and enjoy your planet completely.
611 Comfortably Speaking (with subliminal track addition)
I have heard it said that most people would rather be spoken of at a eulogy than be the one actually speaking. With this program you will be jumping to get out of that coffin, and say what you have to say.
613 Comfort in Crowds (with subliminal track addition)
If you live in the city, or just wish you were a little more comfortable at the fair mixing with all those crowds, then this is the program for you. Comfort in crowds will even make shopping more pleasant, so pick it up... and then off you go to the mall and have a lot of fun.
615 Fear of Water(with subliminal track addition)
The fear of water is not a fun thing, especially when so many of the world's most wonderful places are surrounded by bodies of it. Lose this fear and gain your pride, then enjoy the rest of this wonderful world.
617 Fear of Spiders(with subliminal track addition)
Arachnophia is what they call it, the fear of many legged little creatures or spiders I should say, and some of them aren't really that little. None the less, a real fear it is, but you can lose this fear easily with the simple use of this program.
619 Fear of Success(with subliminal track addition)
You have done all you can do, but something still prevents you from getting over that final step towards success. The fear of success can be a most sabotaging and defeating fear, and this program will help you let it go and achieve the success you so deserve.
621 Fear of Failure(with subliminal track addition)
Similar to the fear of success... just virtually the opposite in this case; a fear of failure can be so debilitating that it even prevents one from beginning. Get on it now with the help of this program and feel the fear yet do it anyway; it's the only way to success.

The following rates are in effect

Items are shipped within 2 - 14 days through regular postal service to minimize the shipping cost. Delivery to the U.S. takes on average 7 - 14 days, and to other parts of the world even longer, but do allow four (4), to six (6) weeks for delivery due to inconsistancies in the mail system.

If you would like faster delivery, your package can be shipped by Express Post, for 3 - 5 day delivery to U.S. for an additional $15, or 1-2 delivery for $40 for up to 8 CDs.

Shipping and handling charges are as follows (they are exactly the same for shipments all over the world):

Order Amount: Shipping and Handling Amount
Automatically Added:

$0.01 - $9.99= $5.00
$10.00 - $49.99= $10.00
$50.00 - $99.99= $15.00
$100 - $199.99= $20.00
$200 - $299.99= $25.00
Contact me for shipping charges if the amount of your order is higher than $300.

All items are shipped through Canada Post.

If you desire your items shipped by courier, contact me at dr_frank@hypnoticadvancements.com

All checks, money orders and payments through Western Union are payable to
"Dr. J. Frank Valente".

Checks are accepted only from Canada and the US and are held until cleared, all other's must pay via Postal money order, money transfer through Western Union or cash.


Payments should be mailed to:

Dr. J. Frank Valente
3126 McCarthy Crt.
Mississauga, Ontario. L4Y-3Z5

All hypnosis recordings are available as hypnosis MP3 downloads. There is NO shipping or handling charge for hypnosis MP3 downloads. If you desire to download any hypnosis recording, email me at dr_frank@hypnoticadvancements.com and let me know which hypnosis recordings you would like to download. After you forward the payment, you will receive hypnosis mp3 download information. Each file is approximately 25 MB, so make sure that you have access to a high-speed internet connection if you choose this option.

email: dr_frank@hypnoticadvancements.com

Sessions held at:
The Toronto Healing Arts Centre
715-717 Bloor St. West

© 2004, Dr. Frank Valente DCH

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