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Welcome to our Studies and Education products page. What you find below is but a small sample of the accelerated learning hypnosis recordings available, and will be forever updated. If you don't see the hypnosis recording you are looking for, click this link Contact Dr. Frank Valente DCH, and I will provide you with whatever you need promptly.

Payments can be made using Interac Email Money Transfers, Postal Money Orders, Money Transfers through Western Union, or Personal Cheques (preferably certified), or Cash.

All Prices are in Canadian Dollars.
Please look further down this page for shipping and handling rates adjusted for size of orders if ordering a hard copies, or just the listed amount for mp3 downloads.

Enquiries can be emailed to : dr_frank @ hypnoticadancements . com

Payments can be mailed to:

Dr. Frank Valente
3126 McCarthy Crt.
Mississauga, Ontario
L4Y-3Z5, Canada

Interac Email Money Transfers Made Easy.
This is the fastest, easiest, and probably the least expensive way of making a purchase. All you need to do is go to your bank, and ask them to set up your account for online banking... it only takes them about five minutes, or you can do it yourself online. Then it's as simple as logging on to your banks website, clicking send money via email money transfer, provide a skill testing questions which you would send me the answer to for security... I then receive the email and click on deposit and I then send you your product. Just let me know what you would like according to item numbers as listed throughout along with the quantities of each item. Here is a link to the official Interac website for a demonstration to learn how easy it is.stration to learn how easy it is.
Interac Email Money Transfer Website


P.S.- All prices for hypnosis MP3's found below are in Canadian dollars, and are for CD versions. Added shipping charges can be found below the table, along with adjustments for Canadians paying in Canadian dollars.

P.P.S.- These Hypnosis Recordings are designed for you to improve your life in the privacy of your own home. While in a state of deep hypnotic relaxation, your mind is most receptive to suggestion, and the reprogramming you desire. These hypnosis recordings are not meant to replace the advice of your physician. If you suffer from a medical condition, consult your physician first. All hypnosis recordings will come with printed directions for maximum effectiveness. Please follow the instructions provided. These hypnosis recordings cause extremely deep rewarding relaxation and should not be used while driving or operating any machinery.

Special Announcement
For every FIVE programs ordered you get to choose One Free Bonus Program to go along with it... and you don't have to purchase your orders all at once to earn your bonus either... Just keep track of the number of programs you order just incase I slip... and let me know with an email saying... "Hey Dr. Frank, I just ordered my fifth hypnosis program and I would like (let me know the program name and number) as my free bonus. Special multiple package deals shall count as a single program order towards your bonuses as well.

Studies & Education

Item #
Item Description
Price in US$
801 Memory Improvement (with subliminal track addition)
It always amazes me when someone says that they have a bad memory, or that he or she is bad with names or something like that. My first question with such a response is often about the person's earliest life memory, and then I begin to ask about details of the persons childhood. There isn't anyone who could remember something for ten, twenty, thirty, fifty, even a hundred years, that could possibly have a bad memory... the problem is in learning to access those memories, and or storing things so that they are worth remembering. This program will teach you how, quickly, comfortably, and easily as you just lay back and relax. Is there a better way to learn?
803 Academic Performance Enhancement (with subliminal track addition)
Are your studies bringing you down... well don't fret over it, chances are that you just need a boost with your mental organization skills. Let this program help put you on track, and allow the genius within you to come out.
805 Speed Learning (with subliminal track addition)
Have you ever noticed how a child picks up on things so quickly, yet as adults, sometimes it just seems so very difficult to learn anything. With this program not only will you begin to learn quickly as you once did many moons ago, but your every new learning will add experience to the last allowing you to pick up things faster and faster until one day your abilities make the fastest Pentium computer seem slow.

Foreign Language Learning (with subliminal track addition)
If you find learning a new language difficult, I have news for you. You have already learned the hardest thing in the world to learn, and that is your own mother tongue, because you learn to speak that language without any association, or form of experience whatsoever. Now with this program you can learn to master any language you desire easily, all based upon the information and life experiences you presently have. In fact, if you presently speak some form of English, congratulations, because it is without a doubt just about the most difficult language ever developed to master, so get with it, and let that tongue roll.

809 Super Reading (with subliminal track addition)
Here it is, the super fast method of getting through tons of information quickly. Forget about speed reading, it limits you to a measly world record of maxing out at twenty thousand words per minute. How would you like to start at twenty thousand words per minute, and move up from there? Well you can, just take Paul Scheele's course on photo reading, I did, and it is a skill which everyone on the planet should have. This isn't the actual program, but I developed this program using the knowledge I picked up, in order to help you boost your reading speeds not two times or three times faster but at least five times faster immediately upon listening to the program. You won't loose any enjoyment, and at the very least you will only enrich your reading, and the memory of what was read. That's right, just try watching a movie one frame at a time... do you think you could remember much of the movie if watched that way? I didn't think so, and reading is very much the same. The faster you take it in, the more of it you will understand and retain.

811 Comfort With Exams (with subliminal track addition)
I think everyone has been nervous at one time or another with an exam of some kind. Some people even go in all prepared and immediately go blank with every answer. This program is designed to keep you fresh, calm, and on track, so that you always do well, and remain prepared so that you score ahead of the rest.
813 Study Habit Improvement(with subliminal track addition)
For students of all ages, involved in any kind of program. This program will put you in the proper mind set to not only improve your study habits, but accelerate your learning skills as well, by teaching you one of the greatest secrets there has ever been to learning, can't you wait to find out what that is.
815 The Spelling Strategy(with subliminal track addition)
Forget about those "hooked on phonics" programs, you can't even spell phonics phonetically, and in fact, you can only spell about sixty percent of the English language phonetically. Do you want to be wrong at least forty percent of the time? I didn't think so. Here now is a program to help you learn to read and spell the way the best readers and spellers do... visually using imagery... it is the only way to read and spell well in any language, and the government knows it but they prefer to create sheep in society to do the dirty work because there will be enough geniuses naturally. Both reading speeds accelerate, as well as one's accuracy with spelling using this program. Once you try this program you will have wished it was around when you were a child. It's time to bring the genius out in you don't you think, and stop being one of the poor sheep in society ready for slaughter.
817 Calculate It (with subliminal track addition)
Isn't it a shame how some people are taught that they aren't good at math. Well let me tell you right now that everyone can be good at math, and in a financially driven society, calculations are very important. "Calculate It", will have your child or you yourself working it out quickly, and most often without pencil, paper, or calculator.

The following rates are in effect

Items are shipped within 2 - 14 days through regular postal service to minimize the shipping cost. Delivery to the U.S. takes on average 7 - 14 days, and to other parts of the world even longer, but do allow four (4), to six (6) weeks for delivery due to inconsistancies in the mail system.

If you would like faster delivery, your package can be shipped by Express Post, for 3 - 5 day delivery to U.S. for an additional $15, or 1-2 delivery for $40 for up to 8 CDs.

Shipping and handling charges are as follows (they are exactly the same for shipments all over the world):

Order Amount: Shipping and Handling Amount
Automatically Added:

$0.01 - $9.99= $5.00
$10.00 - $49.99= $10.00
$50.00 - $99.99= $15.00
$100 - $199.99= $20.00
$200 - $299.99= $25.00
Contact me for shipping charges if the amount of your order is higher than $300.

All items are shipped through Canada Post.

If you desire your items shipped by courier, contact me at

All checks, money orders and payments through Western Union are payable to
"Dr. J. Frank Valente".

Checks are accepted only from Canada and the US and are held until cleared, all other's must pay via Postal money order, money transfer through Western Union or cash.


Payments should be mailed to:

Dr. J. Frank Valente
3126 McCarthy Crt.
Mississauga, Ontario. L4Y-3Z5

All hypnosis recordings are available as hypnosis MP3 downloads. There is NO shipping or handling charge for hypnosis MP3 downloads. If you desire to download any hypnosis recording, email me at and let me know which hypnosis recordings you would like to download. After you forward the payment, you will receive hypnosis mp3 download information. Each file is approximately 25 MB, so make sure that you have access to a high-speed internet connection if you choose this option.


Sessions held at:
The Toronto Healing Arts Centre
715-717 Bloor St. West

© 2004, Dr. Frank Valente DCH

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your life beyond perceptible measures, just click the link below for your free demonstration with this new state of the art program.

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