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Muay Thai Boxing Hypnosis

King of the Ring

Muay Thai Hypnosis

King Of The Ring”, is what I consider my masterpiece of hypnosis recording works. Since 1991 I have practiced what is considered the deadliest of the martial arts "Muay Thai", under the teaching of Master Suchart Yodkkeripauprai, undefeated professional fight champion of Thailand, and the first to bring Thai Boxing to North America, here in Toronto, Ontario, at Siam #1, also known as "The House of Muay Thai" (click the link to learn more)

Our fighters at Siam #1 in Toronto are the first ever to travel to Thailand and masterfully win fight after fight against the champions of Thailand’s professional boxing organization and bring home to Canada Thai Champion titles which beat those all over the world, including the King’s Cup Challenge, won by one of our best yet Clifton Brown, of Toronto Ontario.

I have trained and worked side by side with these
champion fighters, and together we have learned what is needed to become the Kings Champions.

With the use of
hypnotic techniques, nervousness, and fatigue become things of the past. Your punches, elbows, knees, and kicks of destruction become unstoppable weapons, which you master quickly, making them a natural part of your response pattern. The pain from bone crushing blows is used to energize you to overtake your opponents, so that becoming King of Your Ring is now easily achieved.

Now with this groundbreaking hypnotic work using everything I know about sports hypnosis, you can have all this under the relaxing state of a hypnotic trance, with this piece of Muay Thai Hypnosis. That’s right, just lay back, put on a set of headphones and relax to this hypnosis recording. Then allow these patterns of trance to help sharpen your skills and
prepare you for battle.

I have worked the languageing in a subliminal manner to
create the changes you desire most, such as blocking those lightening moves instinctively before you consciously see them, and then, you get time to practice, in the ring of your minds eye while in trance your upcoming fight, or simply practice your skills mentally.

Science has proven that when you think about a movement, your brain sends electrical signals to the actual muscles involved. This creates a patterning of putting it in your body, just as if you were actually making the movement physically.

Now you can “
become the champion” you desire, quickly and easily with this new program designed for CHAMPIONS. Muay Thai Hypnosis, brings you King Of The Ring.

Order Now– King Of The Ring


Mailing address:
Dr. Frank Valente
Hypnotic Advancements
3126 McCarthy Court
Mississauga , ON
Canada L4Y-3Z5

© 2004, Dr. Frank Valente DCH

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