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Dr. Valente,

I purchased the Taoist Penis Enlargement Program about a year ago. I was told about Dr. Valente's site through a group that I belong to. I received the program in the mail very quickly. I listen to the program regularly and have faithfully been doing the exersizes that are taught. I found them very easy to do, and actually found myself doing the exersizes without realizing I had begun doing them.

After a month or so, I recall waking up, and my penis felt different. It was as if had been using a penis pump, but I hadn't. My penis felt like it had been worked out like someone would work out their biceps, pectorals or other muscles. I had been doing what the program said I would. Doing exersizes while sleeping. This is a regular occurance for me now.

The quality of my erection now is much better. It's harder, thicker, and though I didn't measure before and after, it is longer. I also noticed that while flacid it hangs longer. An unexpected side affect for me, has been the ability to last longer while making love. I find that I can hold back the orgasm longer and longer, ensuring that my partner is being satisfied completely too. I have also found that the spontaneous errection, like I got in high shool over 20 year ago, are back. Imagine having the erection of a teenager and the experience of a 36 year old.

I believe that the power of the mind will allow you to do anything you want. Hypnotism can help you achieve those desires. In my case, it has helped me do the exersizes I already knew about, but couldn't find the time to do. I now do them without thinking about it.


Hi Dr. Frank,

I purchased a few CD's from you in September: Life Confidence, Magnetic Charm, and Shy no More.
I am very pleased with my results! I listened to all the CD's consistently
using them on a daily basis in rotation form. I haven't listened to them in
a few weeks though. However, I have experienced many positive changes. I am much more outgoing, relaxed and at ease with people, and don't feel self concious anymore which is absolutely fantastic.
I am really amazed at the effectivness of the programs and I only used them for a little over 2 weeks. I took a break as there were some other issues I was dealing with but I look forward to getting back to them and experiencing even more positive results. They are some wonderful programs and I especially like the Magnetic Charm one which I want to focus more of my attention to.





Dr. Frank

WOW!!! I listened to your program today and then went for my run with the rest of the fight team. within seconds I felt bored silly, and that's when I bolted leaving everyone behind, and I can't believe it. I kept hearing your words in my head as I ran, and by the time I got back to the club I had shaved a minute and a half off of my best time ever. Fantastic!!!

Rick S.

"My partner was having some difficulty achieving
orgasm, and while browsing your website, I stumbled
upon this Woman to Woman Oral Enhancement hypnosis CD.
I thought to myself, why not? Since I already had some
varying degrees of success with hypnotherapy audio, I
bought the CD, and listened to it ONCE, and had
immediate results. Eureka! I was able to bring my
partner to an intense orgasm as if it was the easiest
thing in the world, and our sex life is becoming off
the hook! I highly recommend it. Thanks Dr. Frank."

Carrie NYC.


I received the CD's today, many thanks. I give the first one a listen to tonight, I felt really great afterwards and will certainly continue with the program.

Michael - UK

For a straight guy you really know what you are talking about Dr. Frank. My boyfriend purchased your program for me, and although I was quite skeptical I thought I would humor him and so I listened to it. I don't really know what it is, but as I listened to your program I got very excited about the idea of taking my man all the way down, swallowing him entirely as you say, and immediately afterwards I had to have him. Was he ever excited too, and you know what, it worked and I continued to get even more excited, so excited I actually had an orgasm myself. Was it your words going on in my mind or was it my own excitement?

Thanks, Marie

Dr. Frank,I have recieved your cd`s.I feel much more confident when speaking! I`ve noticed marajuana has a reverse effect on what your therapy can do for me,I`ll quit!What are the affects of alcohol?I thank you for the new breath of fresh air ,in my life.I can`t wait to improve even more.How long should I listen to your therapy?I like the relaxation,so I`ll do it often,if need be.


Dr. Farnk Valente,
I have been working on penis enlargement for several years and have had tremendous success and tremendous setbacks. I am still learning more all the time. My most impressive gains have been from pumping and silicone injections. Pumping can damage your penis and silicone can kill you if not done properly so I have the yahoo group to spare men some of the problems I have encountered. I am adding your CD's to my list of tools that are safe and effective. I play your CD daily for inspiration and they keep me motivated! Feel free to join and introduce yourself to the group. I am going to post your link on the links page pending your approval. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/1BloatedCockGettingBigger/


Dr. Valente
I have downloaded my MP3
and tried it already.
I had a very intense experience the
first time. I have the entry level Holosync
program 'the end' , and this seems just as satisfing
as that. so I am quite Pleased!
thank You


Hi Dr. Frank,
I have to tell you, I absolutely love the first program I bought from you! In my wanderings in the penis enlargement arena, I have managed to create a small collection of self-hypnosis CDs. I have a CD set from (sorry no names here)(4 CDs - listened to her for a month before I gave up amid all the complications of listening to certain tracks on certain days - it is easier to launch the space shuttle I think then to follow her PE program in the proper track sequence). I have one off of Ebay that sounds like some guy with a reverb machine made inside an auditorium. I have one from (no names again sorry) that I kind of like, although listening to a women in a French accent talk to you about your penis tends to be more distracting than helpful - no knock on her, just my own internal psychology at work there...). I have a couple of others that I sort of like but overall, the only one I am listening to now, and for the last two weeks, is yours.

I am very impressed with your expertise - I go under quickly and into deep trance every time I listen to the CD. I have already noticed an increase in length, both erect and flaccid (not much yet, but a noticeable increase, nonetheless!). In fact, I am so convinced of your technique and program efficacy that I am starting to worry a tiny bit about getting too much of a "good thing"!! This is a good problem to have, let me tell you!

One of the great things about your program, which to me is verification that it is working, is that almost from the very first time I listened to it I was getting "tinglings" from time to time up and down my penis after each session! I have never experienced that with anyone else's PE program! On a (sub)(?) conscious level that is hard to explain, I "know" your program is working - there is not an iota of doubt in my mind!

I only wish I had found your website sooner! Knowing first hand how good this particular program is has only made me want to try more of your offerings - and you have a lot of very intriguing titles! I will be buying programs from you for quite a while, I am sure of that!

Thanks again!

Chuck W.

Thanks Dr,
I got the CDs the other day. So far, I'm doing well with them, they are helping mecope better with outside problems and not let them get in the way of training. Thanks again for your help and I'll let you know
how it I progress.


I can't believe it!! After years of trying to deep throat. Just like you said, I just relaxed, took a deep breath and drew him on in. I hesitated for an instant when he hit the back wall, but I pushed into him and he just slid all the way down. It was so easy...

love ya, Tracy

Dear Frank,
Thank you very much.
I have listen and greatly enjoyed your recording program.

Mohamed E.

Thanks Dr. I got it downloaded and listened to it already. I found it very
relaxing and pleasant to listen to. When it ended, I had fealt like I
napped for a couple of hours even though the computer said it lasted 32
min. I plan on listening to it every night.

From "M.R. Grant"

First I want to start off by
saying that I think your cd's are outstanding. Your voice is wonderful, very hypnotic. The first time I listened, I definitely went into a deep state of trance almost immediately.


Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner Frank, had a busy end of the week. I downloaded the file to my MP3 player and it sounds FANTASTIC! Thank you for all your help and I look forward to doing business with you in the future. By the way, your website... WOW... I've been interested in hypnosis since the late eighties and until now it's not been that easy to find information. Thanks again.

Mary M.

Hello Frank,
I have been using the Olympia
program primarily and have had great success with it. I tore some cartilage in my knee doing leg presses with 1000 pounds three years ago. I had knee surgery to correct it but I could never get back in the habit of working out religously. The Olympia mp3 has changed that. I also enjoy the induction in the Motivation mp3. It is a deeper one than the inductions on the other mp3s. I rotate listening to the other mp3s (only so many free hours in the day) and expect them to become more effective over time.

Look forward to hearing from you,
John H.

Ok, I downloaded it and I listened to it before going to
sleep, and when I woke up. Didn't feel too hypnotised last night, but
I did feel hypnotised this morning. Last night I couldn't really
focus on the voice or visualize during the suggestion, but this
morning I was able to. I was able to get so relaxed that at one point
I thought to myself, "wow it feels like my body isn't there."

Thank you once again.
Jimmy B.

Hello Dr. Frank,
The files are all downloaded. I tried the Mr. Olympia before my workout
yesterday and I ended up working out an extra half hour. I think this will
be a very useful file.

Have a great week,
George D

I listened to your sleep easy cd last night on my
portable CD player with my headphones. i did not take
a sleeping pill. I had to sleep on the couch cause my
neighbors were booming music so I couldnt sleep in my
room. Last thing I remember was my roommate coming out
and taking the headphones off me, turning off the tv
and turning off the light. i slept all thru the night
like a baby.
Thank you- I'm so relieved!!!!!!!! I was so scared of
becoming dependent on Ambien because I've been using it
for the last 2 years.

Kari K

Hello Dr Frank,

I recently enrolled in the Holosync Solution. (But I have had a bootleg of the Prologue for more than a year now) Your recordings are the only thing that comes close to the experience. Very rewarding, I have tried many other hypnosis recordings, but with these, I have acheived the deepest level of hypnosis I have ever experienced.

Thank You Sir
Nick D

At the risk of sounding trite, keep up the good work! Your programs are some of the best I have listened to and I think you do an excellent job creating and executing your ideas (very original some of your programs - for instance, this program - money for sex!! Awesome - a real original concept!!).

Tantric Orgasmic Wealth with subliminal track
Chuck W.

I have been suffering from depression for many years, and although this is fairly well controlled by medication I still have a long way to go. I recently discovered Dr Valente's website and purchased his Depression, Be Happy, with subliminals, as an MP3 download. I have only listened to it twice so far, but would strongly recommend it to depression sufferers. I particularly like the fact that it put me in a very deep hypnotic trance, and then Dr Valente speaks about the possible causes of depression but in such a gentle way that it is not in any way upsetting but is therapeutic. Another thing that I thought was excellent is that while Dr Valente continues to speak I also heard a second voice of him speaking giving what I think are positive suggestions. I say think but I am sure that they are! It is just that most of them I did not hear because so much was going on, and this was of course intentional. If you suffer from depression you will need to work with this recording over a period of time. I certainly shall, and I can definitely tell you that, as I have some background knowledge of Ericksonian hypnosis and also have quite a collection of audio products, that this particular product is of very high quality. I shall certainly try some more of Dr Valente's products, but if you also suffer from depression I recommend that you take it slowly and don't try to work on too many issues at the same time.

Melvin UK

email: dr_frank@hypnoticadvancements.com

Mailing address:
Dr. Frank Valente
Hypnotic Advancements
3126 McCarthy Court
Mississauga , ON
Canada L4Y-3Z5

© 2004, Dr. Frank Valente DCH

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