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Special Notice

Well it seems that Yahoo did it to me now. For some reason Yahoo deleted my profile, and so I have no access to our fine old Yahoo Group called Hypnotic Advancements. The group is still there for the members taht are in it, but nothing can be posted because I am not able to moderate the group without my old ID of Hypnocharmer.

Anyhow I have just opened a new group called Hypnotic Advancements 2, and I hope all of our old membership decides to rejoin through the link found further down the page.

Ericksonian Hypnosis Yahoo Group. Throughout it's pages we discuss both Ericksonian, and traditional hypnotic techniques, and the odd NLP program along with our favorite language patterns.

This hypnosis yahoo group is the place to go for learning everything from the basics of hypnosis right through advanced hypnotic techniques, and is really where one should be to learn the best answers to your questions.

I will moderate the group to prevent spam, and anyone posting spam of any kind without my express permission will be banned from the group and any other groups we might develop.

In the near future I will also set up a chat room for which the group members can log on, so that we could have our designated discussions, and possibly even play with web style hypnotic inductions.

At the moment the group is quite empty, but I will have time soon to begin with my regular postings. Just click this link here and I will have you approved in no time at all; Hypnotic Advancements 2


Hypnotic Advancements Newsletter


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