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Stop Stuttering With Hypnosis

Scroll down below to learn about our new additions to the Stop Stuttering Program

Stuttering or stammering has hampered the lives of many throughout time, and all too often those seeking help have met with one disappointment after another.

With something like stuttering, I always recommend that the person actually goes to a certified and well qualified hypnotherapist. This can be tricky because there are many out there that get certified through a weekend course, and then hang up a shingle. Physicians are famous for this, and in fact my first experience with hypnosis was with a doctor who claimed to practice hypnosis. Long story short, he didn’t know what he was doing, and it was years before I learned that hypnosis wasn’t a crock.

Before we speak of a cure, it might be useful to learn a little about the causes, and reason behind this painful inability to express oneself clearly.

I would first like to point out that no one is born with a stutter, and that speech is something that is learned. Most people begin to learn to talk by hearing sounds and eventually uttering meaningless sounds until they are able to form words.

Now, we all know that some toddlers learn to walk before others, the same goes for learning to talk. As for the reasons, there are many, but I'll present only a few.

As mentioned, some children are early learners while others prefer to wait. At times these later learners become overly pushed by the primary caregiver(s), and due to this develop an aggression causing a type of hyperventilation to their breathing rhythm producing an irregular talk. These children, I'm sorry to say, can thank their primary caregiver(s) for his/her patience.

Others learn this stutter at a later period in early childhood, at times appearing as childhood anxiety, most often due to a fright. We must remember that what might seem silly to an adult could be quite terrifying to a small child. The views, due to sizes and understanding to experiences, are quite different. I remember when I was a child here in Canada, it would snow so much, that if I stood there I'd be buried. Nowadays, the snow hardly ever reaches my knees, yet the average snowfall is about the same.

So how does this fright affect the speech of a child? Simply put, imagine a frightened or anxious child wanting to get something out, but being afraid to utter a word due to some possibly awful consequence, the tension building up, the pain, and fear causing irregular breathing, then wanting, and trying to spit it out. The child keeps trying to start the word of choice concentrating on its beginning, but something is holding this poor child back. With time, this memory becomes buried because as human beings, it is our nature to move away from discomforts.

Unfortunately, our unconscious, that storehouse of information that knows when to breathe, and remembers things, holds onto those awful repressed memories keeping them from our conscious minds. With time, the tensions mount and this stutter, or stammer becomes a learned habit, a habit coming from an irregular breathing pattern due to repressed ill memories. So, it is said that a stutter is a compromise between the simultaneous desire to express an idea and to inhibit it. Stuttering is also said to be a form of aggression against society and people.

I don't mean to say that a stutterer is intentionally angry, not at all, but that a buried memory of an obligation to speak when he/she wasn't able to, has caused an inner frustration. This, in turn, has eventually led to an irregular breathing pattern which, when compared to others, has caused the stutterer to become confused about speech and his own relationship to the process.

Now, where do we start to change this painful process? We begin with breathing. The observed breathing patterns of stutterers have been measured as extremely irregular, and so we begin with deep breathing exercises, to learn a steady relaxing rhythm. Every good speaker has a rhythm, and a stutterer will be surprised to find that, if he began to sing along with his favorite songs, there will be no stutter as he sings. Why is this?

The first reason is because of rhythm, and secondly, because we tend to concentrate on what comes next rather than first. That is to say that if a stutterer places his emphasis on the last part(s) of the word, the beginning simply slides out.

The stutterer can also practice whispering to himself, and this singing and whispering begins to repattern the train of speech.
The other thing those who stutter need to do is slooow down their speech. The stutterer is generally overly anxious about talking for too long a period to say what he has to say, and so he tries to say it faster, in turn causing a more pronounced stutter, and taking longer to say what he wishes.

The stutterer will also find to his surprise that if he faced a mirror and took a nice deep relaxing breath, then tried to stutter intentionally, he/she won't be able to stutter. It's quite amazing, you might like to try it, that is if you tend to stutter.

Now, what about those repressed memories, what do we do about them? How about hypnosis using symptom resolution techniques? Thousands of people have instantly lost the ability to stutter with a single session. How is this possible?
We simply take you back to the initial experience which began this learned process of stuttering. With hypnosis you will be able to access the unconscious, and in a safe, comfortable atmosphere you will be able to remember and provide a new adult understanding to the deeply seated memory of that inner child. With a new understanding, the old fear becomes transformed, and we all know that new learnings always cause changes.

For some people the thought of going back is far too uncomfortable due to the possibility of an abreaction which is easily taken care of, but don't despair. You can also re-learn fairly quickly to talk smoothly with a few sessions of hypnotherapy, without the old memory, which can even be done with a simple hypnosis recording, in most cases.

Hypnosis makes learning fun, quick and easy, always bringing unexpected surprises to those who want changes in life.

About The Stop Stuttering With Hypnosis Program

The Stop Stuttering with Hypnosis program was originally developed for a client, that for whatever reason didn’t want to go out and see a hypnotherapist, possibly because of the cost. So after getting a number of questions answered from him, I put together a personalized program which worked out very well and helped him lead a normal life. Soon after I began working on a more generic version that could be used by anyone with a stuttering challenge, although when these things are personalized, they are often more successful for a special few.

I incorporate metaphor; to provide the subconscious with a new understanding and freedom to speak freely and smoothly,

Regression therapy; subliminally applied to allow the unconscious to activate it’s memory bank and release unpleasant memories in a fashion that fits the client,

Language learning techniques developed by the famous Milton H. Erickson; to help the person relearn the art of speaking in the most natural fashion, and

Time distortion techniques; to accelerate the learning process in a relaxed fashion which provides for a compounding of the relaxation effect learned during the trance.

As you can see, there is a lot structured into this program. Many clients do well, while a few need more than a hypnosis recording. Kind of like a correspondence course, some do well while others need a teacher that will follow them and find exactly what that specific person requires. Often the reason a person needs a teacher is because they haven’t learned how to learn on their own yet. Due to this I also put together a hypnosis learning recording which is to be used as a warm up to learn trance throughout the first week before beginning the actual stop stuttering with hypnosis program.
Stutter NO More basic set with subliminals: Only $64.95 (The basic two programs that started this series still works like a charm)


Addition to the Stop Stuttering Program!!

After receiving a number of emails from past clients of my Stop Stuttering program informing me that advances towards their goals to speaking smoothly, and rhythmically like any good speaker were very slow, I decided to expand the Stop Stuttering program to accelerate the progression to speak smoothly. My intention here was to help, and do everything I possibly could to help my clients achieve their goals. At this point I added three new programs after testing with a number of new clients, "Change Your Past With Timelines, program number 435", "Future Life Enhancement with Timelines, program number 437", and "Life Confidence program number 401", all of which can be read about in our Personal Enhancements product page. On there own, each of these programs has the ability of completely changing a persons personality, and are truly amongst the most powerful of all NLP changework techniques ever developed. The first of the three programs allows a person to go back as far in time as they so desire along their timeline to any experience of choice, then change the memory of that experience before moving back to the present, in turn altering the person's life history throughout. We have to remember that if anything from the past is changed whether real or not so long as it is real in our minds, the overall effect is similar to a string of dominoes altering the persons entire history. The second of the three programs allows one to travel into the future in order to create something compelling to work towards. For example; you might imagine yourself speaking publicly, and become aware of the great many things such an ability might do for you. And the third of these programs helps pack a ton of confidence which can be called upon at any time, which is something that most people need in life, and most especially if afflicted with a challenge like stuttering. I should note here, that this Life Confidence program is based upon a technique that I use with every fighter I help prepare for the ring and upcoming matches because it packs one incredible Punch of Confidence.

Needless to say, once my new clients followed through with the addition of these three programs, they met with success within a much shorter time as well as allowing for the success of a greater percentage of clients. The addition of these three programs to the original two was titled the "Stop Stuttering Super Set" as briefed here below, or you might want to scroll down just a little further to learn about our most recent additions to the program which have been the clincher for clients still afflicted in adulthood towards beating the challenge.

The Stop Stuttering Super Set: Five Hypnosis Programs;
Disk One - Easy Relaxed Learning:
To help you accustom your self to the trance experience and begin the changework cycle.
Disk Two - Speak Easy: Which is the actual Stop Stuttering session.
Disk Three - Change Your Past with Timelines: Which is used to go right back to the beginning of when your challenge began, so that you can change that memory, and come forward in time with a past that you would have preferred.
Disk Four - Future Life Enhancement with Timelines: To help you create a most rewarding future in order to draw you towards your goals, and...
Disk Five - Life Confidence: To enrich your personality with the strength to succeed at whatever you decide upon.
Stop Stuttering Super Set with subliminals: Only $139.80 (Five great programs for one low price)

The Newest addition to the Stop Stuttering Program:
The Stop Stuttering with Hypnosis Power Pack

Now with these new additions to the Stop Stuttering program your chances of living a normal life are practically guaranteed. If you could just imagine how terrible a future could be due to a lack of proper communication, I am certain you could imagine how wonderful your future could be once you eliminate the stuttering/stammering challenge completely... and you can do that right now with our new Power Pack which includes all five programs listed above plus three new programs to give you the rest of what you need... Have a look here below to learn what you get in the Stop Stuttering with Hypnosis Power Pack

The Stop Stuttering with Hypnosis Power Pack with subliminals: Only $197.80 (Now Eight great programs to help you start a new life):
Now Eight Incredible Programs to Help you begin a New Life

Disk One - Easy Relaxed Learning: To help you accustom your self to the trance experience and begin the changework cycle.
Disk Two - Speak Easy: Which is the actual Stop Stuttering session.
Disk Three - Change Your Past with Timelines: Which is used to go right back to the beginning of when your challenge began, so that you can change that memory, and come forward in time with a past that you would have preferred.
Disk Four - Future Life Enhancement with Timelines: To help you create a most rewarding future in order to draw you towards your goals, and...
Disk Five - Life Confidence: To enrich your personality with the strength to succeed at whatever you decide upon.
Disk Six - Resource Generator: To help you aquire the resources you need personally for success.
Disk Seven - Stress Management:
To ensure that you gain and maintain control of your feelings in any situation whether it's your personal or business life.
Disk Eight - Ego Enhancement:
To boost your ego the natural easy way, as you soon realize your own self worth.

As a final note to our clients, I am only making these programs available with our subliminal track addition because as the records show, the subliminal track makes an incredible difference for success, and I want you to have nothing but success in life, so I am only offering you the best from now on with this set, so order now and stop feeling down about your future... Order now and see yourself having a bright wonderful future fulfilling all of your dreams as a person that speaks freely and smoothly. Just click on the set that suits you best here below and before you know it, you will be leading a normal life so that you can get to where you want to go and do freely and easily

Now for those who wish to learn and help themselves, below are many of the best sources you will ever find, complete with authors and many with ISBN number. But reading these alone will not give you the skills required to do the work. I have top notch training and these books are a small fraction of what I have studied. Many of these books are hard to find, but most of the links provided should be helpful, for others visit your neighborhood library.

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Hypnotic Advancements
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© 2004, Dr. Frank Valente DCH

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