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Supreme Weight Loss

Welcome to our better health for life page. That's right, this page, and my weight loss and maintenance program are not only about losing weight and keeping it off, but it's about gaining greater health, and living a healthier life, in order to make your life richer in experiences and fulfillments.

To just simply lose weight, is not really the answer, because as we all know there are plenty of thin people out there without health or happiness, who don't even have the energy to enjoy life, and don't even like themselves at that. This page is about respecting one's body and mind, respecting one's self, in such a fashion that we gain energy, and grow a greater pride in who we are, as well as growing the confidence we might need in order to continue our own personal growth and success in life.

Have you ever noticed how those considered most attractive in life seem to be offered more in the way of pay and all kinds of enjoyment. It's not just because of the way they look, but it's about the energy they put out to those around them; It's because inside they feel good about themselves, and the main reason they do feel good about themselves, is because they eat right, and live right, and think the right thoughts. And when you have that much energy, you really end up enjoying life all that much more. When you feel good inside, not only do you smile real bright, but all of that energy just radiates from your soul to the outside world, because of the simple fact, that you, feel good about yourself, really good about yourself. So the question is, "how does one get to such a point in life, and how good do you want to feel about yourself?" I can tell you how I have, and I can tell you how many others have, but I think what is most important, is to offer you a few ideas as to how you can yourself. Have I got your attention, and would you like to know more? I thought so, so just continue on down the page.

You know... I am not going to tell anyone here that diets just simply do not work... and anyone who has ever tried a diet can tell you that as soon as they have completed the plan, they have in turn not only regained the original weight lost, but each one of those jolly fat cells have restocked and somehow found extra cupboard space to store a whole lot more... isn't that right? What I can tell you though, and strictly because some might not know, is why this happens to some many people out there.

Firstly... You have to look at the language we use... and most specifically the termed "weight lost". For those of you who have studied a bit more about language and how our unconscious interprets things this will not come as a surprise, but for the rest of you it just might. Our unconscious interprets things literally, and not only that, but it has the somewhat simple understanding of a seven to twelve year old, and in turn certain childish type behaviors, and it just loves the game of hide and seek. So when I tell you that as soon as your unconscious realizes that it has lost all that weight, off it goes running looking everywhere it can for its long lost friends. And since most diets begin with an abrupt change in eating habits, the digestive system not only slows right down in order to conserve life, but sometimes it even shuts down all together, until the keeper of that body has really shown it that there is not going to be a food shortage again for a very long time.

And secondly, I am not going to tell you that... you have to implement some kind of exercise program... because I am sure that you already know, that if you would like to enjoy the flavor of more delicious calories without having them actually move in, you have to do something about burning more calories. If what you put in, is not equal to what your body is putting out you will gain weight, and that is my first guaranty. What most people don't realize though is this. A fully grown man of about six foot, at one hundred and eighty pounds requires, between fourteen, and fifteen hundred calories per day, while the average woman of about five and a half foot tall requires only twelve to thirteen hundred calories per day to live a healthy life. And if the above mentioned people are athletic, and I mean vigorous activity, they will require only about two hundred more calories each day for a total of about sixteen hundred calories for a man, and fourteen hundred calories for a woman. Any fewer calories than that, and the person loses weight, and any more than that, well lets just say that your visitors have decided to move in, but it doesn't have to be a permanent living situation. The other surprising thing that most people do not know is that you can get all those calories from just your average little hamburger, and if you add cheese to that, well you just opened the door to the family of all those visitors, and who knows when they will leave, because by adding that cheese, well you have made it so tasty that the calories have just doubled; go ahead and check your neighborhood's Mac Donald's health list, and you will see...

And I am not going to tell you that... you should also be learning about proper nutrition... because even a child knows that. I mean who wants to hear the fact that there are also certain foods out there to help you loose weight, and if you eat more of what I suggest in my weight loss program, you can more than triple, even quadruple the number of above mentioned calories each day, and you will still lose weight. And no there isn't anything extra special for you to buy that you can't find in any regular grocery store, and that is my second guaranty.

What I am going to tell you though, and some of you might get a little upset over this one, and I am not out to offend anyone but the fact of the matter is this. Weight loss and maintenance is about regaining your self respect. It's about regaining your happiness, and in turn your energy to enjoy life, but it starts with learning a new respect for yourself. You know I have over weight people tell me every day that they respect themselves, and then I hear them say that smokers are the one's that don't respect themselves because of the poisons they put in there bodies. Well if you are the type of person that would allow your car's engine oil to get all muggy in such a fashion that it clogs your car's system preventing it from operating efficiently, or if you are the kind of person that thinks it just fine to stuff more garbage down a disposal than it is designed to handle without having any severe consequences, and if you are the kind that thinks self respect means abusing one's body in such a fashion that they can no longer run through a field, or climb a set of stairs with having their heart pounding to a point of just wanting to explode, and can't even enjoy a good night out of dancing without feeling like it is going to kill you, well I'm sorry but I have better things to do with my time than sit around trying to convince you, because if you don't respect yourself, how do you expect me or anyone else to; and that is the bottom line; lose the fat, exercise, and learn about proper nutrition, and your energy level will go up, your shoulders will go back as your chest stands out, and you will be much happier and able to enjoy life than you have ever been able to before, I promise, and that is my third guaranty!!! And the program I have developed is designed to help you do just that... and much more, but it will only help you if you truly want to feel better about yourself, and if you have at least a little belief that... you can lose weight... and if you truly want to lose the weight for your own reasons, and those should be so that you feel better about yourself and that you want to enjoy life a whole lot more... then this program is for you... and it will help you do just that... cut the fat... and get started right now by clicking one of the two add to cart buttons below, you will be so glad you did.

As I said... this program is about appreciating, and learning to love the person you are right now, in such a fashion that it gives you that special something that causes the energy inside of you to soar to incredible heights, so that you are able to do whatever it takes to make you the person you want to be, deserve to be, and will be then... now... tell me, would you like some of that? You can have it, and it's as easy as clicking one of the add to cart links below, and for those who have claimed to have tried everything, and really need some major help with weight loss and maintenance I have a super special get those pounds off and keep them off for life program which you can read about just a little further down this page.

The Supreme Weight Loss and Maintenance Power Pack.

If you have read all that I have written throughout this website about weight loss and the many reasons people in society gain weight, along with the many reasons why it is so difficult to maintain what one has lost if and when they are able to do so... you might also be wondering if there is anything that could really help you get it off and keep it off permanently. Well, you should be glad to know that I have kept up my studies and research in order to offer you only what I have found that truly works.

It is interesting to note that obesity has been found to be as difficult to treat successfully as drug dependency and smoking... and in fact much more so. In fact Stunkard and McLaren-Hume (1959), for instance, discovered that only five percent of obese patients lose weight without a relapse, and Brownell (1982) pointed out that the cure rate for many forms of cancer is greater than the success rate with obesity. In actuality, many diet and exercise programs work very well. The real trouble is not the ineffectiveness of the program, but the dieter's inability to stay with the program once the weight has been lost. The rate of relapse is disturbingly high even after all these years from the original studies mentioned above, and are still right around the ninety-five percent rate according to the weight loss industry's own figures today in our modern age.

So you might now wonder if there is any hope for you to lose those pounds and keep them off. Well a number of my clients have informed me that although my Supreme Weight Loss program has worked for them, they felt that something more was needed in order to maintain there success for life, so I went immediately to work with a few of them and I have put together a series of hypnosis programs to provide the necessary changes in thoughts on all levels to create a winning combination that gets the weight off and keeps it off for life... permanently... and consists of six hypnosis programs for less than the cost of five plus the regular shipping and handling charges... and the nice bonus about this offer is that five of the six programs within the set are useful for the application of most life goals as you will soon see... so that you get value for your hard earned dollars not just to lose weight but to constantly help you achieve most of your life's desires from now on... here below are listed the six programs offered in the Supreme Weight Loss and Maintenance Power Pack:

The Supreme Weight Loss and Maintenance Power Pack:
SIX Hypnosis Programs;

Disk One - Supreme Weight Loss and Control: We begin with my original program that has been helping many people all over the world achieve their goals, and proven itself to be incredibly effective.
Disk Two - Body Imaging: To help you form the most incredible image of the perfect you, as well as tune your body for spot reduction in those most unwanted places.
Disk Three - Powerful Motivation: When you apply this program, your excitement goes through the roof getting you jumping to achieve your goal.
Disk Four - Exercise Enthusiasm: With this program your desire for a healthy life change full of energy is enhanced beyond that which you could possibly believe until you experience it for yourself.
Disk Five - Change Your Past with Timelines:
Which is used to go right back to the beginning of when your challenge began, so that you can change that memory, and come forward in time with a past that you would have preferred, creating changes in your personality and future all at the same time, and...
Disk Six- Future Life Enhancement with Timelines: To help you create a most rewarding and compelling future in order to draw you towards your goals in such a way that nothing will ever stand in your way.

The six program set is offered either with subliminal track additions or without, but the preferred recommendation is with the subliminal track addition because it has proven most effective. Prices and add to cart links are just a little further down the page along with an individualized table for ordering any of the programs in the series separately to fit your needs. I would also like to offer anyone who has ordered the original Supreme Weight Loss and Maintenance program prior to the date of this new offer the option to purchase either one of the program sets (with, or without subliminal track additions) minus the one main program (Supreme Weight Loss and Control) for half the listed price during the month of March 2005... so if you qualify just send me an email indicating that you would like to take advantage of this incredible offer, and we will take care of everything promptly.

Supreme Weight Loss and Maintenance Power Pack with subliminals: Only $160.00 US which is a savings of almost $50.00 US if purchased seperately.


The Supreme Weight Loss Series
Individualized to Fit Your Needs

Item #
Item Description
Price in US$
303 Supreme Weight Loss & Control(with subliminal track addition)
If you have ever had trouble with attaining your perfect weight, no need to trouble yourself any longer. I don't believe in diets, or fads of any kind. If you have tried any of them, then you know that they don't work, and the few that cause you to shed a few pounds should come with a guarantee that you will gain back twice as much as what you have temporarily lost, shouldn't they? "Supreme weight Loss & Control" will help you shed those pounds and keep them off as you comfortably relax and allow your mind to learn a few concepts, then eat lots of tasty treats that do nothing but burn those calories.
301 Body Imaging(with subliminal track addition)
Do you have fat in unwanted places? Science has shown that body fat sheds and builds throughout the body fairly evenly, although genetics sometimes play a joke on us and accumulate extra amounts in places we would rather not talk about. Hypnosis is the only proven way of directing areas of your body to respond as you desire. With this program you will be able to melt those problem areas and build up the areas you do desire with quality muscle fiber, and or whatever other bodily tissue that might be required. This program also makes for a very useful companion to our Natural Breast Growth program and any of our programs having to do with sculpting the body, as well as our Weight Loss and Maintenance. Sculpt that body easily, and quickly, "Body Imaging", order now.
439 Powerful Motivation (with subliminal track addition)
Have you ever had something that you would like to do, but just couldn't get off your ass for one reason or another? This program will get you jumping, and running for the finish line. Powerful Motivation to get you moving towards your goals...
137 Exercise Enthusiasm(with subliminal track addition)
Yes, here is where it all starts... DESIRE is what gets you out there, and this program helps you realize what you will gain. Before you order this program you should ask yourself a few questions, and here they are; Do you really want members of the opposite sex drooling every time they see you, Do you really want members of the opposite sex banging at your door just begging to take you out, and Do you really think you could handle members of the opposite sex thinking "Oh Ya!! I need some of that", every time you walk into a room, or down the street. If so, you found the program that is going to get you out there doing something about it. But first I have to warn you, I will not be responsible for any broken doors, or clothing that gets torn off your backs. Make your body beautiful, and order now, if you think you could handle all the attention.
435 Change Your Past with Timelines (with subliminal track addition)
Developed by Tad James, this is one of the most powerful NLP programs ever developed... that's right... If you are unhappy with the way something turned out in your life, you can go back mentally and create the outcome that you would have preferred. This technique has been used to directly change one's personality, because by changing even one event, you cause a domino effect altering your entire life and future.
437 Future Life Enhancement with Timelines (with subliminal track addition)
One of the most astounding reasons people sit stagnant through out life is because they have a very limited view of their future. With this program you will be able to develop the future you desire, and once it's envisioned, you will have a very easy time getting there because you will be able to just look back, and learn how you got there. Exciting, don't you think... and I bet you just can't wait to... create your compelling future now!!!


The following rates are in effect

Items are shipped within 2 - 14 days through regular postal service to minimize the shipping cost. Delivery to the U.S. takes on average 7 - 14 days, and to other parts of the world even longer, but do allow four (4), to six (6) weeks for delivery due to inconsistancies in the mail system.

If you would like faster delivery, your package can be shipped by Express Post, for 3 - 5 day delivery to U.S. for an additional $15, or 1-2 delivery for $40 for up to 8 CDs.

Shipping and handling charges are as follows (they are exactly the same for shipments all over the world):

Order Amount: Shipping and Handling Amount
Automatically Added:

$0.01 - $9.99= $5.00
$10.00 - $49.99= $10.00
$50.00 - $99.99= $15.00
$100 - $199.99= $20.00
$200 - $299.99= $25.00
Contact me for shipping charges if the amount of your order is higher than $300.

All items are shipped through Canada Post.

If you desire your items shipped by courier, contact me at

All checks, money orders and payments through Western Union are payable to
"Dr. J. Frank Valente".

Checks are accepted only from Canada and the US and are held until cleared, all other's must pay via Postal money order, money transfer through Western Union or cash.

Payments should be mailed to:

Dr. J. Frank Valente
3126 McCarthy Crt.
Mississauga, Ontario. L4Y-3Z5

All hypnosis recordings are available as hypnosis MP3 downloads. There is NO shipping or handling charge for hypnosis MP3 downloads. If you desire to download hypnosis recordings, email me at and let me know which hypnosis recordings you would like to download. After you forward the payment, you will receive download information. Each file is approximately 25 MB, so make sure that you have access to a high-speed internet connection if you choose this option.


Mailing address:
Dr. Frank Valente
Hypnotic Advancements
3126 McCarthy Court
Mississauga , ON
Canada L4Y-3Z5

© 2004, Dr. Frank Valente DCH

© 2004, Dr. Frank Valente Ph.D.(c)If your experience with hypnosis is limited or you simply want to accelerate the effectiveness of your hypnosis sessions, and improve your life beyond perceptible measures, just click the link below for your free demonstration with this new state of the art program.

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