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Welcome to our products index page. Here we have an easy viewing of much of what is available from our vast selection of hypnosis recordings. The topic headings also operate as functional links to get to the product page of your choice where you can read a briefing on each hypnosis recording. Some of the programs available are also links to seperate pages offering you greater detail about the program, and with time each program wil eventually have it's own information page. If you do not find the program you are looking for simply click this link dr_frank@hypnoticadvancements.com and send me an email with your request. I have more available everyday, but it takes time to list them all here. And for those looking for something really special, custom recordings are always a first priority. As a final note, all of our programs come as a regular hypnosis program with a brainwave synchronization track, but are also available with an added subliminal track for deep programming that works incredibly well; so well I only use the programs with the added subliminal track myself.

Payments can be made using Interac Email Money Transfers, Postal Money Orders, Money Transfers through Western Union, or Personal Cheques (preferably certified), or Cash.

All Prices are in Canadian Dollars.
Please look further down this page for shipping and handling rates adjusted for size of orders if ordering a hard copies, or just the listed amount for mp3 downloads.

Enquiries can be emailed to : dr_frank @ hypnoticadancements . com

Payments can be mailed to:

Dr. Frank Valente
3126 McCarthy Crt.
Mississauga, Ontario
L4Y-3Z5, Canada

Interac Email Money Transfers Made Easy.
This is the fastest, easiest, and probably the least expensive way of making a purchase. All you need to do is go to your bank, and ask them to set up your account for online banking... it only takes them about five minutes, or you can do it yourself online. Then it's as simple as logging on to your banks website, clicking send money via email money transfer, provide a skill testing questions which you would send me the answer to for security... I then receive the email and click on deposit and I then send you your product. Just let me know what you would like according to item numbers as listed throughout along with the quantities of each item. Here is a link to the official Interac website for a demonstration to learn how easy it is.stration to learn how easy it is.
Interac Email Money Transfer Website


P.S.- All prices for hypnosis MP3's found below are in Canadian dollars, and are for CD versions. Added shipping charges can be found below the table, along with adjustments for Canadians paying in Canadian dollars.

P.P.S.- These Hypnosis Recordings are designed for you to improve your life in the privacy of your own home. While in a state of deep hypnotic relaxation, your mind is most receptive to suggestion, and the reprogramming you desire. These hypnosis recordings are not meant to replace the advice of your physician. If you suffer from a medical condition, consult your physician first. All hypnosis recordings will come with printed directions for maximum effectiveness. Please follow the instructions provided. These hypnosis recordings cause extremely deep rewarding relaxation and should not be used while driving or operating any machinery.

Special Announcement
For every FIVE programs ordered you get to choose One Free Bonus Program to go along with it... and you don't have to purchase your orders all at once to earn your bonus either... Just keep track of the number of programs you order just incase I slip... and let me know with an email saying... "Hey Dr. Frank, I just ordered my fifth hypnosis program and I would like (let me know the program name and number) as my free bonus. Special multiple package deals shall count as a single program order towards your bonuses as well.


Champion Athletic Series.
King of the Ring.
Fight Confidence.
Endless Endurance.
Explosive Power.
Champion Golfer.
Athletic Confidence.
Disk Golf.
Think Like a Fish.
Break Through Training Barriers
Mr. Olympia.
Miss. Olympia.
Champion Power Lifter.
Competition Anxiety No More.
Distance Runner.
Body Imaging.
Tennis Champion.
Exercise Enthusiasm.
Boxing Power.
Ultimate Warrior.
Slippery Soccer Skills.
Supreme Weight Loss.
Supreme Weight Loss Power Pack.
Top Level Tennis.
Bowling Improvements.
Do or Die, Ambition to Fight.
Muay Thai Skills Development.


The Spelling Strategy for Children.
Dry Bed.
Dream Sweet.
No More Asthma.
Be Happy.




Tantric Sexual Ecstasy for. Woman.
Tantric Sexual Ecstasy for Men.
World's Greatest Lover for Woman.
World's Greatest Lover for Men.
Premature No More.
Natural Breast Enlargement.
Taoist Kewl Draw.
Taoist Supercharged Sexual Energy.
Taoist Oral Enhancement for Her (giving).
Taoist Oral Enhancement for Her (receiving).
Taoist Oral Enhancement for Him (giving).
Taoist Oral Enhancement for Him (receiving).
Tantric Rejuvenator.
Tantric Penis Enlargement.
Tantric Orgasmic Wealth.
Tantric Anal Ecstasy for Her.
Tantric Sexual Enhancement for Men.
Impotent NO More.
Hypnotic Charm.
Hypnotic Charm for Woman.
Keeping Love Fresh and Alive.
Creating Anchors We Most Desire.
The Boyfriend Blowout Program.
The Girlfriend Blowout Program.
The Sex Magnet Series.
The Hypnotic Kiss.
Deepthroat Enlightenment.
Oral Enhancement Power Pack for the Ladies.
Woman to Woman Oral Enhancement.


Life Confidence.
Magnetic Charm.
Memory Improvement.
Wealth Creator.
Ego Enhancement.
Meeting Your Inner Advisor.
Finding Lost Treasure.
Enhanced Musical Performance.
Enhanced Writing Ability.
Procrastinate No More.
Comfort with Success..
Eliminate Jealousy.
Trust and Security In Relationships.
Life Goals.
Driver's Exam, Pass It.
Past Life Regression.
Age Progression.
Change Your Past with Timelines.
Future Life Enhancement with Timelines.
Powerful Motivation.
Resource Generator.
Enhanced Creativity.
Super Sales.
Psychic Abilities.
Keeping Love Fresh and Alive.
Creating Anchors We Most Desire.
Shy NO More.
Assertiveness Training.
Life Enthusiasm.
Financial Freedom.
Past Life Therapy.
Lottery Winner.
Island of Serenity.
The Boyfriend Blowout Program.
The Girlfriend Blowout Program.



Body Imaging.
Supreme Weight Loss.
Supreme Weight Loss Power Pack.
Stutter No More.
Stop Stuttering Super Set.
Sleep Easy.
Quick Recovery.
Boost Immunity.
Asthma Control.
Allergy Terminator.
Pain Management.
Headache and Migraine Management.
Preparation for Surgery.
Relieving Bruxism.
Relief from Gagging at Dentist.
Eliminate Warts.
Relaxation, It's An Art.
Control Bulimia.
Control Anorexia.
Eliminate Depression, Be Happy.
Control Blood Pressure.
Dealing With Divorce.
Anger Control.
Eliminate Worry.
Time Line Therapy.
Eliminate Guilt.
Self Psychoanalysis.
Healing Traumas.
Menstrual Cycle Control.
Control PMS.
Stress Management.
Health for Life.




Memory Improvement.
Academic Performance Enhancement.
Speed Learning.
Foreign Language Learning.
Super Reading.
Comfort with Exams.
Study Habit Improvement.
The Spelling Strategy.
Calculate It.



Hypnotic Inductions.
Seven Core Suggestion Strategies.
Representational Systems.
Hypnotic Suggestion Formation.
Subliminal Messaging.
Delivering Metaphors.
Linguistic Ambiguity.
Confidence for Hypnotists.
The Art of Confusion.
Pattern Interruption Techniques.
The Handshake Induction.
Change Your Past with Timelines.
Future Life Enhancement with Timelines.
The Fast Phobia Cure.
The Swish Pattern.
Allergy Elimination Program.
Hypnosis for Hypnotists Series.
Hypnosis for Hypnotists Super Set.

Smoke No More.
Smoke No More Two.
Swish for Smoking Cessation.
Alcohol Control.
Drug Control.
Eliminate Nail Biting.
Gambling Control.
The Boyfriend Blowout Program.
The Girlfriend Blowout Program.


Simply Relax.
Comfort with Heights.
Stage Comfort.
Comfort with Elevators.
Comfort with Planes.
Comfortably Speaking.
Comfort in Crowds.
Fear of Water.
Fear of Spiders.
Fear of Success.
Fear of Failure.








The following rates are in effect

Items are shipped within 2 - 14 days through regular postal service to minimize the shipping cost. Delivery to the U.S. takes on average 7 - 14 days, and to other parts of the world even longer, but do allow four (4), to six (6) weeks for delivery due to inconsistancies in the mail system.

If you would like faster delivery, your package can be shipped by Express Post, for 3 - 5 day delivery to U.S. for an additional $15, or 1-2 delivery for $40 for up to 8 CDs.

Shipping and handling charges are as follows (they are exactly the same for shipments all over the world):

Order Amount: Shipping and Handling Amount
Automatically Added:

$0.01 - $9.99= $5.00
$10.00 - $49.99= $10.00
$50.00 - $99.99= $15.00
$100 - $199.99= $20.00
$200 - $299.99= $25.00
Contact me for shipping charges if the amount of your order is higher than $300.

All items are shipped through Canada Post.

If you desire your items shipped by courier, contact me at dr_frank@hypnoticadvancements.com

All checks, money orders and payments through Western Union are payable to
"Dr. J. Frank Valente".

Checks are accepted only from Canada and the US and are held until cleared, I also accept Interac Email Money Transfers, Postal Money Orders, Money Transfers through Western Union, Personal Cheques (preferably certified), and Cash. .


Payments should be mailed to:

Dr. J. Frank Valente
3126 McCarthy Crt.
Mississauga, Ontario. L4Y-3Z5

All hypnosis recordings are available as hypnosis MP3 downloads. There is NO shipping or handling charge for hypnosis MP3 downloads. If you desire to download any hypnosis recording, email me at dr_frank@hypnoticadvancements.com and let me know which hypnosis recordings you would like to download. After you forward the payment, you will receive hypnosis mp3 download information. Each file is approximately 25 MB, so make sure that you have access to a high-speed internet connection if you choose this option.

email: dr_frank@hypnoticadvancements.com

Sessions held at:
The Toronto Healing Arts Centre
715-717 Bloor St. West

© 2004, Dr. Frank Valente DCH

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